Facilitating Adjustment to Medical ILlness in Your family

Our Goals -

Examine the psychosocial, physical, and spiritual impact of cancer on the family and develop programs and services to assist families in meeting their needs

Investigate psychosocial and biobehavioral mechanisms of impact of cancer linking to the health of the patients and their family members/caregivers

Promote healthy lifestyle behaviors among cancer survivors and their family and friends.

Examine impacts, Investigate mechanisms, Promote healthy lifestyles

Research members have been involved in a number of projects that identify subgroups of patients and their family caregivers who are vulnerable to adverse effects of having cancer in the family and investigate the interpersonal processes that play out in the course of cancer.  We are also currently working on projects that investigate psychological and biological correlates and interpersonal mechanisms of cancer experiences and that examine the efficacy of healthy lifestyle interventions among adult cancer survivors and their family members.